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Document management

by Veit Schiele last modified Feb 22, 2017 03:10 PM © cusy GmbH, Berlin 2015


Confluence is a wiki software that is used primarily for communication and knowledge sharing in companies, but also increasingly as a public wiki.


The Home of Confluence is the Dashboard. It is divided into five areas:

The left column is a list of wiki spaces for which the logged in user has at least read access.
Quick links

Among the spaces there are three links:

created a new Wiki Space
Feed Builder
created a configurable RSS Feed
People Directory
Link to the list of users
Tools and search
In the upper bar is the search box and Login or Logout
Last changes
Below the recently modified items in chronological order are displayed.
Right below are the personal favorites of a user.

To modify the documents Confluence has an XML-based visual editor that supports drag and drop, autocompletion of shortcuts and macros as well as entering Textile markup.


The manufacturer’s customer list includes many large IT companies such as IBM and Cisco, as well as automobile manufacturers such as Audi. However, it includes organizations and institutions such as the UN, the CERN or the BBC or the Stanford University and the University of Vienna to.


Confluence is a commercial product, which usually needs an appropriate license, see Atlassian Confluence licenses. However, there are free licenses for open source projects, non-profit organizations, charities and classrooms.