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Log Management & Analytics

by vsc last modified Sep 24, 2018 02:53 PM


Sentry is a web application that analyses log files of a specified period according to specific criteria. Sentry can also determine correlation between different log files, which makes it ideal for error analysis.


In Germany personal data may only be collected and used with the user’s consent The analysis of user behavior using full IP addresses is permitted only with unambiguous consent.


Sentry provides real-time crash reporting for your web applications, mobile applications and games. It works together with all major languages and frameworks: Javascript, Node, Python, Java, Swift etc. Sentry also integrates into our other applications like Jira.


Sentry is used by Microsoft, Mozilla, Vine and Autodesk.

Hosting and data protection

Cusy hosts your Sentry instance according to the German data protection law and taking into account the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This allows you to comply with high IT compliance in the interest of your customers and clients. For more information about how Cusy protects your data, see Security and Privacy.


Sentry is Free Software licensed under a 3-clause BSD license.